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We hope you'll share what you've learned with your families tonight so you can all Wonder together. I never knew all this stuff and my mom always said the ATM is where is goes. She forgot what it stands for. Thanks for visiting us to Wonder today, we are so glad to know that you learned something new with us! Sometimes money get crumpled and torn and it's difficult to use. When that happens, it's recycled and new money is printed in its place! That's tight. I'm going to make that real soon.

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Last year, my friend Garret always made those. By the way, that was a great and interesting video. Hi Jessica, Amauri, and Tranae! Recycling money is part of the process for keeping track of how much money is out there in the world. When ripped dollar bills are brought to the bank, new money can be printed. I wonder if money is actually folded into many different origami shapes like in the video.

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Thanks for visiting us today, Aniziah, Addy, and Romen! Old money is recycled so new money can be printed in its place. We are glad you learned something new with us today, Wonder Friends!

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Hey there! Great question: where does old money go? I think it goes to the places where they don't have as many things as we do, like Africa and other places. But here is another great question: where did that money come from?

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Money has been around for a long time. Money is older than my 70 year old grandfather and my 90 year old grandma. Thanks for sharing your comments, Romen, Kamarien, and Chris! We are super excited that you learned about recycled money with us today - what kind of clothing or souvenir would you like to create out of shredding money? We love your thoughts, connections and questions for today's Wonder about money!

It sounds like you learned a few new tricks along the way, too! When money is ripped or too crumpled to use, the Federal Reserve Bank shreds it and makes new money in it's place. I think money is very special. The video was very interesting.

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I stand still when I'm in school and I line up. Hi there, Christopher, Assata, and Janiya! We liked reading your comments about today's money Wonder! What great connections you've shared, too! Keep using your imaginations, Wonder Friends! I think it's awesome because it's about money. Great work today, Tairyn, Jenna, and Chett! We loved learning abuot your favorite parts of today's Wonder and what you learned about money! Keep using your awesome imaginations!

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  8. Good afternoon, Tam and Elizabeth! We're so glad you learned something new by watching our Wonder video and by reading our Wonder today! How neat!

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    We look forward to smiling with you tomorrow, Wonder Friends! Great work! It's money instead of doing origami with paper. Bartel banned origami in our class so me and my friend would sneak and do it in recess. One time, I got in trouble for using my lunch money for origami. I didn't know where that bill went. Try your best, we can't wait to hear about what you learned and accomplished! WWOTD: stationary. Thanks for visiting us today, Andrea and Kaylen!

    It sounds like you've both tried your hands at origami, way to go! We are glad you shared your predictions for tomorrow's Wonder! Keep up the great work! It was like origami and I liked it very much because I love money. Who doesn't? Now I understand because it went very slow. Hey Jeremiah and Destiny! Thanks for sharing what you learned today - we hope you share the WONDERful things you learned today with your family and friends. We Wonder if you will trade in your ripped dollar bill for a new one? Thoughts: I thought the story was very interesting.

    I thought the video was very interesting too. Why would they make a bag made of shredded money? Thanks for visiting us today, Miranda! We're glad you liked today's Wonder! The bag of shredded money show how the Federal Reserve destructs old bills. They shred them so no one can use them any longer. I thought they throw old money away but, now I know they don't because I watched the video and they make art with the money now if watch this video you know what they do with old money.

    Why do they people do that with money?

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    We're so glad that you learned something new with us today, Destiny! Way to go, Wonder Friend! Some people like to make art out of all sorts of things Wonder asks: Can Food be Art? Questions: does money get put like that after we use it? Predictions: I think that they might be that they have about watches. Great question, Korean!

    While it's fun to fold paper including money into cool shapes and sizes, money is usually stacked in a drawer to prevent wrinkles and creases. Sometimes it's hard to count money when it's stuck together, so it's best to keep it flat and crisp! Thanks for sharing your Wonder comment and prediction with us today!

    We hope you'll try to make a cool shape or object out of paper Hey there, Angelina, thanks for telling us how you feel about today's Wonder!

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    Sometimes money might be ripped or torn up after a while - after all, after many people use it, it can wrinkle easily! This Wonder is all about where that money goes! Hey, Wonder Friends! Before you submit your comment, please remember:. Comments are subject to approval and may not be published if they are not appropriate for the Wonder discussion. Drag a word to its definition. You have answered 0 of 3 questions correctly and your score is:. Want to add a little wonder to your website?

    Help spread the wonder of families learning together. We sent you SMS, for complete subscription please reply. Follow Twitter Instagram Facebook. Tags: See All Tags automated , bank , bill , clothes , coin , denomination , dollar , Government , institution , linen , money , old , pencil , recycle , recycling , shredded , souvenir , stationery , teller , United States Federal Reserve. Wonder What's Next? Get the royal treatment with tomorrow's Wonder of the Day! Try It Out Have you noticed how paper money gets worn out over time?

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    6. Keep the learning going by checking out one or more of the following activities with a friend or family member: Take a look at the paper money you have around the house. Check your wallet. Ask your friends and family members if you can borrow their paper money for a bit, too. Assure them you'll return it soon.