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Vision & Values | Markeaton Primary School

Sholden Church of England Primary. Our Mission Statement We aim to achieve this by : Providing a school where all children feel safe and happy. Our Christian Values We have 5 distinct Christian values which we feel passionately about and which we feel are key to making the school what it is. Our new curriculum, after a consultation process involving pupils, parents and staff, is being developed this year.

It works by considering areas of study in the context of the local area, Erith; the wider area our capital, London and the whole of the UK, before broadening out still further to take in global issues in the context of the area of study. Reading is celebrated here at Northumberland Heath in a variety of different ways.

All the classrooms have stunning reading corners that feature non-fiction books linked to the topic being studied as well as poetry. Classroom teachers present themselves as readers and are able to recommend books to every pupil in their class. Our School.

My Vision and Values for Leadership

They review and reflect in order to improve practice in line with contemporary educational research. We understand our impact. We have a culture of fun and joy. We understand that real learning happens when students love coming to school, are motivated and engaged, and have a strong sense of belonging. We create a vibrant, safe, happy, educational environment where learning and laughter go hand-in-hand. We create an atmosphere for each other in which good humour, care and alertness to the wellbeing of each person is evident, natural and is continually modeled by staff. We belong.

Vision, Ethos and Values

Diversity, understanding and acceptance characterise our school. We celebrate our differences. We are inclusive, generous in our care and compassionate towards each other. We nurture acceptance in our students and confidence in their abilities as learners, as people and as citizens of the global community.

We have an eye on the future as we prepare children to meet the world beyond our boundaries. Friendship 2.