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They write short sentences that convey a clear message to the intended audience. Sentences become paragraphs, and paragraphs add up to an excellent paper that attracts great grades. Another quality a professional action research paper writer needs to have is the ability to manage time. Time management is supremely important when it comes to the handling of any project.

Professional academic writers develop an execution plan and follow through with it. The ability to organise every aspect of their project helps them to save a lot of time.

Action Research

If management of time is not one of your strengths, you will find handling any type of project quite challenging. You will never succeed as a professional action research paper writer if you dislike doing research. Professional writers use their excellent researching skills to find all the necessary resources containing the information they seek. Researching usually involves reading up vast amounts of data. A lot of thinking and analysis go into research, too.

The researcher gathers all the vital information they can find and organises it into a coherent and logical paper. A passion for research and knowledge is necessary if you want to become truly outstanding. Professional action research writers use impeccable grammar to express themselves. You already know that the kind of English you use while writing an academic paper is different from the sort of language you might need when expressing yourself in an opinion piece. Professionals will always use the most appropriate word to write their thesis statement, their literature review, report findings, recommendations and so on.

You will not find casual words and phrases in their work.

Managing organizational change by using soft systems thinking in action research projects

Some people think creativity and innovation only matter when it comes to writing a novel or some other such work. However, all forms of writing can benefit significantly from creativity. Typically, academic writing requires the writer to be a critical or analytical thinker, but that is not enough. A professional action research paper writer needs creativity to produce work that stirs interest in others. Reflection practices are able to fit into more of these types at the same time. Many models have been suggested over the effective professional development in the past some of which are short-term while others are long-term.

Action research is just one of them. Action Research can be termed as the study of the learning environment like the school or classroom with the intention of improving the teaching. It is scientific and systematic, involving inquiry and contextual professional development. The process is reflective and it is usually motivated by growth and improvement in teaching. There are various steps involved in action research. They basically involve the identification of the problem, determining the needs or methods of data collection, collection and analysis of data, creation of an action plan, description of the use of the findings, report as well as the future plan.

The process is usually cyclical. The steps are vital in ensuring professionalism, completeness as well as validity of the action research. It usually requires regular observation. Most teachers when asked about action research have observed that it is usually very significant in ensuring professional or even professional growth. It helps them in becoming role models and in impacting their colleagues. They become agents of change and change their modes of giving instructions hence, witnessing general improvement in their service delivery.

They in the process become credible teachers.

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Teachers who have been consulted seem to be sure of the fact that action research aids in boosting their confidence and hence improving their efficiency in service delivery. They are able to redesign the way they issue the instructions. They become empowered and hence are able effectively deliver their talents, and come up with creative ideas that help them to meet the needs of the learners. They are able to implement programs or even acquire others skills. Most of them after doing action research they are in a position to develop greater autonomy, they develop problem solving skills and they are able to effectively use data from their respective classrooms.

Action research is very vital in ensuring that the respective goals are accomplished. Action research enables the teachers to be the authors of their own research. They participate in the creation as well as accomplishment of their own goals and this drives them towards the accomplishment of the same.

Action Research On Act Best Practices Essay

They take part in the setting of goals for development. One of the teachers consulted observed that significant transformation was observed in his communication with the colleagues after action research occurred. The conversations from colleagues turned from polite talks to comprehensive conversations. The dialogues become helpful and the relationship with the other teachers was greatly enhanced. Collaboration and teamwork was greatly boosted. Action research helps the teacher to turn from the traditional methods of teaching to those methods that are modern and effective hence ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of the students.

It is therefore very important in ensuring professional development for the teachers. Studies have proved that action research is very vital in the overall improvement in the performance of a school on a long-term basis. There are some teachers who have no idea about action research yet indulge in other activities that are geared towards ensuring professional development some of which include routine reflection by the teachers.

A study done on two teachers Mary and Rita showed that even some of the qualified teachers from college have no idea about action research although some of them might have the knowledge of some of its elements like data collection as well as methods of analysis. This greatly influences their service delivery. Some of them like Rita have an experience of many years in the teaching profession with the desire for professional development yet they might have no idea about action research. Most of the reflection done by them is informal and it might not necessarily be directed towards ensuring that their goals are met and the needs of the students are met as well.

They do it unconsciously. Teachers who do not employ action research in their teaching are less likely to meet the desired goals in their teaching and they might not be able to witness professional development. Some of them might encounter challenges which could be solved by carrying out action research, but because of ignorance, they might not be in a position to effectively tackle the problem. The reflective practices carried out by most of them can only be effective if it is coupled with action research.

According to the training done, it is quite evident that the action research process is systematic and it has to be carried out using the appropriate procedures and techniques like coming up with a research plan, outlining research questions, setting timeline with the intention of reviewing the information, implementing the action research project data collection as well as analysis and the sharing of the same. Action research might in some cases involve experimenting of the possible solutions to the existing problem.

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She tried the tactic of rewarding the students who handed in all their assignments on time. Action research is very vital in determining those factors that might greatly influence the attitudes of the students and hence in the long run affect their performance. The teacher might for instance be forced to adapt new tactics while teaching so as to ensure effectiveness in the long run.

When effectively done, action research is able to turn the teaching process from a cumbersome and tedious activity to an enjoyable one. It is therefore an important vehicle of change. Action research is vital in clearing out any confusing issues that might emerge in the teaching process.

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Questions are formulated and answers to the same are formulated. Discussions might be held in some cases so as to enhance clarity of the issues at hand. Frequent meetings held while carrying out the action process are vital in offering encouragement, excitement as well as mentorship opportunities to the participants. Interviews are usually crucial in the process of data collection. A reflection held at the end of the process is also significant.

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Action research is vital in enhancing accountability, awareness as well as ensuring that the teaching is done in a systematic manner. It enhances sharing and professionalism of the teacher. Action research helps the teachers in being reflective. Through reflection, they are able to know whether there past practices or lessons were effective.

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Action research has fundamental principles but is incredibly flexible. It is founded on making changes in practice and can provide a framework for practitioners to make these changes in a systematic way. Critics of the approach suggest that it is not sufficiently rigorous to be considered as serious research e. Gibson, ; Lewis, For their evidence they cite insufficient self-critique and examples of poorly designed studies that have little to offer the world as they are too specific to one situation to be useful to others.

It also could be said that action research is little different from 'reflective practice' Pollard et al. Indeed starting from reflective practice can be very productive for novice action researchers. Usually what shifts reflective practice into action research is collecting and analysing data systematically and then sharing the process and results in a public manner such as a written paper or a presentation.

Action research is a powerful tool and is not difficult to put into practice, though it is usually time consuming if taken seriously.