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Tom Kratman

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Another good installment, this one resolves a lot. Jun 21, Pat Patterson rated it it was amazing.

I obtained this book directly from the Baen. In the acknowledgments, Kratman says this is the next to the last book in the series.

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At any rate, he promises we won't have to wait long. I'm going to write this with those readers in m I obtained this book directly from the Baen. I'm going to write this with those readers in mind who are familiar with the background. If you are reading this review, and this is the first book in the series for you, then please STOP!

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Over the course of the first books, the kind and restrained gentleman know as Patricio Carrera has done all that is within his power to make sure that he does not have an enemy in the world. Or in space. Or on Earth. Admittedly, in the majority of cases, that much-to-be-desired outcome has involved abrupt environmental disruptions for those with hostile intent. In some cases, direct action, in the form of high-speed projectiles, led to the end of hostilities, although at least one individual was persuaded to cease belligerent status by repeated applications of blunt force trauma.

At the other end of the spectrum, under very, very special circumstances indeed, tiny bits of matter were induced to rapidly encounter other tiny bits of matter, and so on, until some small fragments were freed from the limits of matter, and enjoyed a brief journey as pure energy. In that case, not only the direct enemies of Carrera experienced a rapid cessation of their implacable hatred, but their friends, neighbors, and all of their family members did so as well.

However, in some cases, the conflict was resolved through mutual realization of self-interest, and those who had been under orders to render Patricio hors de combat recognized the honor and mercy he showed to them, when he could have easily utilized Plan A see above paragraph. It has always been a characteristic of Patricio Carrera that he valued an honorable enemy, and strove to convert them to honored friends.

For these, instead of always fleeing the pillar of light in fear, at the end, they could approach it in the confident assurance that they would be welcomed and cared for.

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Despite having proven his character and his ability on repeated occasions, at the beginning of this book, we find Carrera and his forces in what seems to be an untenable position. All of the forces of the Tauran Union have more-or-less agreed to combine their forces, and have an overwhelming advantage in equipment and manpower. Moreover, the person placed in command of the combat units, Bertrand Janier, has had all of his arrogance trodden out of him by repeatedly coming out on the losing side with Carrera, so he is not likely to engage in foolish wastage of the troops under his command.

Besides the massive air and land forces of the Tauran units, Carrera has blundered into drawing the last major power on Terra Nova, the Zhong, who have presented an overwhelming sea force, and have landed troops on one of the Balboan islands. In the face of the overwhelming forces, Carrera show every sign of disintegrating, just as he did when his first wife was killed in the terror attack that initiated the conflict. There are at least two more significant aspects to this installment, but I stop here, so as not to venture into spoiler territory.

But here's a closing thought, for all of us: would a rebellion have taken place, if Patricio's wife and children had gone to a different location on The Day when the airships crashed into the towers? It's a sure bet that the powers on United Earth would have continued their policies toward Terra Nova, as well as toward their own people.

In addition, it was those policies that encouraged the governments on Terra Nova to imitate them. In effect, the politics on Old Earth and Terra Nova represented ONE point of view; the only difference was that the effects of programs initiated by the power elite had more time on Old Earth to manifest. Terra Nova was moving toward the same end. In order for a revolution to take place, someone HAS to get pushed out of the system. That's what happened to Patricio Carrera.

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Consider, then: what happens if Carrera endures the minor limits, and lives a full life, dandling great-grand-children on his knee? Does the entire system disintegrate, for a lack of barbarians at the gates? It's something to think about. Apr 01, Michael rated it it was amazing. Kratman has a cynical, critical, and completely negative, view of liberalism, and it definitely smacks you in the face time and time again. Despite that "A Pillar of Fire by Night" is probably one of the best books of speculative military science fiction I've read of the genre and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Reader be warned - all the horrific things that occur in war are not only mentioned, but written about in excruciatingly painful detail.

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War is a messy, bloody, pain-filled horror sh Kratman has a cynical, critical, and completely negative, view of liberalism, and it definitely smacks you in the face time and time again. War is a messy, bloody, pain-filled horror show, and Kratman writes in such vivid detail that you can see it in your mind's eye as if you were actually there. It's not superficial or disgusting just because he can, but serves as an integral pattern upon which the whole series rests.

Feb 11, Harold Osburn rated it it was amazing. Experience battle in a hard hitting manner! Tom Kratman's newest Carerra Series novel showcases Tom's incredible depth of knowledge when it comes to all things military. He shows us the potential pitfalls inherent in different forms of government, and corruption, that mimic real world situations.

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While we are not as far down the path of open warfare, it is plain to see how political groups can drive society into unthinkable acts. Caine's Mutiny. A Desert Called Peace. Tom Kratman. The Lotus Eaters. The Amazon Legion. Come and Take Them. A Pillar of Fire by Night. Carousel Tides. Sharon Lee. Carousel Sun.

Carousel Seas. Spell Blind. David B. His Father's Eyes. Shadow's Blade. The Demons at Rainbow Bridge.