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This tells me that there is no captain at the helm. Nobody is actually looking at a map of the site to make sure there are no endless loops or dead-ends.

There may not even be a map of the site. That is bad.

A God of Vengeance and of Reward? Voters and Accountability

Getting them to do research is an achievement on its own, but actual documentation? Too much to ask, apparently. This is a hard one to explain, and to really understand it, you should try replicating it in your own browser, following these steps. Imagine this scenario. You have the compose window open, and you are writing an e-mail. Your message has an image in it. You are currently typing a few lines above the image see cursor.

  1. (Outer Sex Space &) The Thrill of Contingency.
  2. Bad UX Roundup #21: Back with a vengeance!
  3. Gaelens Gold.
  4. Kommentare.

Then, you move your cursor downward, using the down key on your keyboard, only to have it disappear when you reach the image. You might be wondering where your cursor went.

Bad UX Roundup #21: Back with a vengeance

If you try to press the up or down buttons, the cursor will not emerge below or above the image. Instead, the inbox itself, outside of the Compose window, will begin to scroll to your button presses.

  1. The Complicated Psychology of Revenge.
  2. Secret Lives of the First Ladies: What Your Teachers Never Told You About the Women of the White House!
  3. Brians Hurt: Second Tale from the Hotel Central (Tales from the Hotel Central Book 2).
  4. Kommentare?

Somehow, by moving your cursor onto the image, it causes the Compose window to lose focus, returning the focus to the Inbox. It shows you how important execution is, no matter how good you think the design might be.

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The voice and text chatting app for gamers, Discord, has an irritating way of getting your attention when you are away. When a user mentions you using the symbol, you will receive an e-mail notifying you. That part is fine. However, when I see this subject line in my inbox:.

Tides of Vengeance Update Notes — World of Warcraft — Blizzard News

If I am only interested in messages specifically meant for me rather than announcements to the group, then I will not want these notifications. Is that so hard to understand? To understand this one, you need some context.

Apparently, in Japan, there is a problem with voyeuristic photography, such as upskirt photos on crowded trains. If ever there were an example of an idiotic solution to a real problem, this is it. Everyone has to be inconvenienced because a few people are degenerates. There are plenty of scenarios in which one might want a silent camera that do not involve skirts; photographing misbehaving law enforcement or other officials and taking photos in libraries or churches come to mind.

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Help Forums. Is there a limit to how many different Chain Bonuses I can gain with different people? There is no limit to the amount of different Chain Bonuses that can be started with other players.

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Refresh the list to have it populated with a new set of Rivals. The Training Manual is a consumable item that allows the player to reset and reallocate their Skill Points in their Player Profile. Make sure the device you are attempting to play on is updated to the client version that supports the Hate and Revenge feature.

Do I have to participate in Honor and Vengeance? How do I participate? What is First Strike?

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  • What is Vengeance? What are Bonus Items? Bonus Items are items that will influence your result in PvP.