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Your child has applied what they have learned in preschool to kindergarten and has now gathered more information in kindergarten to apply in first grade. It is important that children have learned certain facts and information in kindergarten so they can apply those skills next year to help them grow. By the end of kindergarten, their knowledge of reading, writing, numbers, and problem solving have grown, along with being introduced to other subjects like social studies and science. Here is an example checklist of what your child needs to know before starting first grade.

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Social Studies is a subject that is gradually introduced to children in kindergarten. They will learn about past history and events that took place in America. Your child should be able to:. Science is another subject that is introduced to children in kindergarten. Science teaches about the universe and the natural world through experiments. This booklet provides parents with information, tools and activities they can use in the home to help their child develop the skills critical to academic success. Helping Your Child Through Early Adolescence Learning as much as you can about the world of early adolescents is an important step towards helping your child through the fascinating, confusing and wonderful years from ages 10 through Based on the latest research in adolescent development and learning, this booklet addresses questions, provides suggestions and tackles issues that parents of young teens generally find most challenging.

Helping Your Child Become a Responsible Citizen Just as children must be taught to read and write, solve math problems, and understand science concepts and events in history, so must they be guided in developing the qualities of character that are valued by their families and by the communities in which they live. This booklet provides information about the values and skills that make up character and good citizenship and what you can do to help your child develop strong character.

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It suggests activities that you and your school-aged children can do to put those values to work in your daily lives and tips for working with teachers and schools to ensure that you act together to promote the basic values that you want your child to learn and use. Helping Your Child Learn History PDF 2M The booklet is designed to help families prepare their children to achieve the lifelong task of finding their place in history by helping them learn what shaped the world into which they were born.

Employing the latest research, the booklet is largely comprised of activities that can be experienced at home or in the community for children in preschool through grade 5, yet also features information about the basics of history; practical suggestions for how to work with teachers and schools to help children succeed in school; and a list of federal sources, helpful Web sites and suggested books for parents and children. June Search for:. Toggle navigation U.

Student Loans Grants Laws Data. How Do I Find Maths and science are core subjects in Singapore, taught throughout primary and secondary education. While students can choose to study humanities for A-levels, they must continue studying either maths or at least one science subject until they leave school the reverse is also true: science students must take one subject from the humanities. From the later years of primary school onwards, children have specialist maths teachers. They studied the latest behavioural science research as well as travelling to schools in other countries, including Canada and Japan, to compare the effectiveness of different teaching methods.

Aiming to move away from simple rote-learning and to focus instead on teaching children how to problem solve, the textbooks the group produced were influenced by educational psychologists such as the American Jerome Bruner, who posited that people learn in three stages: by using real objects, then pictures, and then through symbols. It is taken for granted in the west that some children have greater ability at particular subjects than others.

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Not so in Singapore, where diligence is prized over talent. Linked to this idea, the Asian approach to maths also favours teaching the class as a whole, rather than breaking the class into smaller groups of different abilities to work through exercises. The whole-class approach allows the teacher to spot weaknesses and intervene swiftly if a child needs help, rather than waiting for them to get stuck on a problem and calling for attention.

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The classrooms at Admiralty are sparsely decorated. At the front, where the teacher stands, is a whiteboard, a projector, a Singapore flag and a clock.

I am later told that other decorations had been removed to avoid distracting or aiding students during a round of tests. The subject is English, a second language for most of the children here, who speak either Malay or Chinese at home. At the front of the class, the teacher, Wendy Chen, is showing a film of migrant workers responding to racist comments.

She hands out a newspaper cutting, again about migrant workers, and asks them to analyse it. The atmosphere is industrious. Using paper of different colors, make a paper chain with paper strips and tape. Encourage your child to create patterns by repeating colors and numbers of rings in a regular order.

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This can be done in connection with reading the calendar and counting down days to a special event. Collect objects in nature— leaves, rocks, shells and the like. When you get home, sort them by color, size, or type.

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How many different categories can you find? How many objects are in more than 1 category? Help your child develop reasoning skills Help your child think about the permanence of a set. Put 6 pennies in a row, and then change the arrangement. Clapping patterns help your child discover sequences and predict what comes next. Some family games that use kindergarten math skills: Many card games require counting and score keeping.

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Dice games and dominos help kids learn to quickly recognize groups of dots from 2 to Play board games that involve counting squares, such as Chutes and Ladders. Tic Tac Toe and Connect Four build recognition of rows of 3 and 4 counters. Blogs The Neuroscience of Motivation Goes to School A new school year is underway, and classrooms are getting settled in.