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Rudy talks about Nigerian oil warrants that do not really have a market.

Only a few brokers handle them and they can set any price they want. While the always earnest Mafee thinks it could be profitable for the company Taylor is skeptical. The aria Rudy is singing is one about someone keeping a secret. Maybe Rudy subconsciously signals to Taylor they should say no? And they do. But even their answer cannot save them from Chuck! Because guess what? But Chuck does not arrest Taylor because he now has other plans in mind. But a truer reckoning is: it all tracks back to one source. One man. A man so corrosive, so virulently infective as to strip me of every good quality I ever had: my kindness, my empathy, my sense of justice.

Maybe even my ability to love. As a guy who lets his childhood shit run him, Chuck is extremely insecure on one hand, and too arrogant to accept his mistakes on the other and the combination is quite unhealthy! If Chuck wants to know who is responsible for the situation he is in, he should look at the mirror. He had better grow up and take responsibility like Wendy. And then he may magically feel like his old self again.

On the contrary, Chuck is determined to stay the course and makes an offer to Taylor! Axe wants Taylor to go back to Axe Capital and work for him again. How about Taylor accepting this job offer and helping Chuck to take Axe down once and for all? Axe visits Taylor at the State AG office to tell them they are coming back to him. Taylor, even with their small company, was able to win against Axe several times, cost him his relationship and Axe wants them on his side.

Taylor can bring along their team and they will have will have a pre-set bonus so they will know where they will land from the get go. They will also have a signed document with Chuck that will have a timeline for the state AG to make what he has against Taylor disappear.

And, no, Chuck is not a friend, he is just a useful tool. Now that they know both men are lined up to get rid of the other, Taylor wants to use their sort of hostage situation for their own benefit. They will do their best to get both men get their guns out, and then get out of their way, and let them kill each other. And understanding that Wendy may be the biggest friction between the two men, I wonder if Taylor will use her to initiate and escalate the conflict. And I am yelling at the top of my lungs:. They do not. It could of course be her gratitude that might bring her to him but I just get some vibe from her that I cannot interpret.

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Is she missing or longing for certain someone on the other side of the bed? And if it is her once strong marriage Wendy is missing, her husband, who has earned his punishment, is enjoying the pleasures, or should I say pain, of the medieval torture equipment! I just hope Axe does not end up like him. I am not talking about syphilis or teenagers. It will be delicious to see Taylor doing their best to beat Axe and Chuck in their own game in Season 5! Best of luck! View all posts by Damianista.

Loved it!!!! The only thing wrong with the finale is that it was just that. So, now we contemplate and wait, for months on end! It would seem the main plot will move back to what it was in seasons 1 and 2, which I have long felt were the best. I cannot help but wonder how many episodes it will take until Axe realizes he and Chuck are not really in cahoots and Taylor is helping to destroy him? Happy to see the end of Rebecca, but is it? Will she return next year for revenge? Mafee is the only one I like in that crowd.

Will have my fingers crossed that season 5 brings us lots of Bonnie, Ben, Bill and Spyros, and of course Wags. Thank you Damianista for a season of wonderful blogs.

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What a great deal of work you and the others have put into this effort. Yes, I often disagreed, but hey, if we all thought alike, what a boring world this would be!!! Thank you for reading, Connie, and for your kind words!

Joey Diaz on How He Played the Court System

I LOVE the season finale, too! He plays on this thin line between love and hate and delivers it perfectly.

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Extreme Sandbox is one of the most ridiculous recreational activity I have ever seen. I admit though I like it that Billions shows us silly stuff that the rich do because they can do it, e. While Bobby does not see Chuck as a friend, but a useful too, he does not know the offer Chuck made to Taylor. I am so curious if Taylor can use especially Wendy to initiate a conflict between the two men. Talking about Taylor, I think Axe has allowed Taylor to bring their team, and he said he would walk away soon and Taylor would have their company again. And I think Rebecca may return but I do not think as a girlfriend but only a nemesis!

It seems they will start filming in November this year — two months later than their usual September so I am guessing we will have them back on TV sometime in May. So the wait will be a bit less than a year — I hope! I called it last week. Bryan was also dumb to accompany his brother on a safecracking mission. Chuck, on the other hand, is a pro at it. I really like Sacker. She was a true friend to Bryan but also helped Chuck and most importantly herself. Being blinded by rage and a need for revenge is always a weak spot for the men on this show. Letting things become personal is always going to be a problem for them.

Bryan let rage and a quest for vengeance corrupt him. He should have known better because he saw what happened to Chuck when he got that way. I felt really sorry for Rebecca but I knew Axe would have no problems screwing her over. He basically told Rebecca and us that he feeds off of non-stop hostility and vengeance. She took a kill away from him when she made that truce with Taylor. He needs that more than he needs anything else.

Including a family and a relationship.

I like Taylor and I hope their plan works out. I hope she can kill them both or let them bloody themselves enough to where they can escape. I called the reignited war between Axe and Chuck several episodes ago. As Axe said, Chuck was a useful tool who stopped being useful. He never really liked or respected him and vice versa. I think Axe is too much of a schemer to not try to drive a wedge between them.


Their fights and awkward conversations are annoying. I sensed Wendy was vulnerable and needed someone to give her some real love and affection. She knows Axe loves and values her. Sometimes she wants to be a domme and other times she wants the man to take control.

Axe is too much of an arrogant, control freak to want to switch things up in his personal life. Just ask Lara and Rebecca. Yes, you called it! And since he has also violated the law, he deserved what he got.