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Jed Foster, who is accused of killing the year-old newlywed, appeared in the dock at Reading Magistrates' Court on Tuesday in front of a packed public gallery. His lawyer Rob Jacques told the court: "On behalf of him and his family I want to say three things.

He denies any involvement in the horrific murder of PC Harper. Mr Jacques and Foster's mother, Jo, repeated the appeal outside the court after the three-minute hearing. Wearing a grey prison-issue tracksuit, he spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth and address. He was handcuffed as he left the dock and remanded in custody until tomorrow when he will appear at Reading Crown Court.

Foster was charged with the police officer's murder on Monday night after detectives at Thames Valley Police were given an extra 24 hours to question 10 suspects in total. PC Harper described as "well-known across the force", had married his wife Lissie at Ardington House in Oxfordshire just four weeks before his death. On May 17, , three photographs by Charles Moore of civil rights demonstrators being attacked by police dogs in Birmingham, Alabama, were reproduced as a double-page spread in Life magazine.

His hand seemed to dig into reality while it was still hot but with no fear of being burned. He was extremely alert to the images pouring out from the news but totally detached from their implications. The latter made clear his sorrow and indignation over the tragedy of the Medusa , in which a group of sailors were abandoned to their destiny in the middle of the ocean following a shipwreck, an event that created a scandal in the French government.

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Warhol did the opposite, offering the viewer simply the beauty of horror, a very dangerous concept often applied to images appearing from the hell of the Holocaust for example, photographs of mountains of shoes or of bodies in mass graves. The seduction of repeated images, their balanced composition, the archaic stillness of the German shepherd in the foreground, act in conjunction to erase the humiliating vision of another dog biting the back of a black demonstrator, transforming the tragic document into a sort of slapstick.

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He was dramatically and desperately sincere in his renunciation of any political or social critique. Images of death, disaster, and violence make news and mesmerize people, and that is what Warhol was interested in. Average people like fame and fame by default, that is, death. Andy Warhol was an average person and was proud of it.

Eventually trouble caught up with Warhol, through the delusional rage of Valerie Solanas, head of the one-person organization SCUM, but it was too late to transform him into an activist. And he brings all his tremendous talent for meaningful decoration to the task of putting his message across. His show shakes you up. The French and other Europeans did not seem to interpret this body of work as condemning the United States as a violent, racist society.

A few more years needed to pass in order to see visual art become an outlet for the counterculture and radical politics. The civil rights struggle was a marginal and faraway event for the European intelligentsia.

The silkscreen technique was transforming the canvas from a surface into a screen. Warhol—along with Robert Rauschenberg, who in the summer of became the first American to win the grand prize at the Venice Biennale—was jeopardizing the future existence of those painters who were still discussing color and form rather than content. The civil rights movement, compared with the crumbling of colonial empires in places such as Algeria and Vietnam, was probably for Europe simply a footnote from a childish society with a few growing pains.

The revolutionary aspect was confined to its aesthetics, not its ethics. Today it is not easy to accept the kind of flirtation with the repetitive patterns of tragedy that Warhol transformed into some of his signature pieces. Department of Justice announced that it would not file criminal charges of violating one's civil rights against Gelhaus.

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According to a Justice Department spokesman, the decision to not file charges against Gelhaus was due to insufficient evidence that he willfully used excessive force that resulted in Lopez's death. A group of federal prosecutors and FBI agents reviewed the case and determine there was a lack of evidence Gelhaus violated Andy Lopez's civil rights. Arnoldo Casillas, the lawyer representing Lopez's family, said that the shooting was unconstitutional because it violated the Fourth Amendment 's limits on police authority.

On November 4, the Lopez family filed a lawsuit at the U. The civil action trial was initially scheduled to start in April Sonoma County is challenging a January ruling by U. Hamilton dismissed three of the five claims that the year veteran violated Lopez's civil rights but she said would leave it to a jury to decide whether Gelhaus acted unreasonably. If appellate justices reverse Hamilton's ruling, the case would be stripped of its last federal claim and reduced down to state court to try the remaining negligence allegation.

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The attorney who would have defended Sonoma County in the federal lawsuit filed by Lopez's parents, Steven Mitchell, committed suicide two weeks after the decision to delay the case was made. On June 25, , the U.

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Supreme Court denied Sonoma County's petition clearing the way for a federal jury to hear the case against the Sonoma County sheriff's deputy. The case was slated to return to the U. District Court in Oakland, California and proceed toward a trial. A series of protests were organized and held following Lopez's death.

Large, peaceful protest of Andy Lopez killing winds through Santa Rosa

The protests were mainly organized by immigrant, religious and community groups and activists. On October 25, , more than people, consisting mostly of middle school and high school students, protested at the Santa Rosa City Hall. Lawyer John Burris , who represented the family of police shooting victim Oscar Grant , gave a speech at the rally. Attendees traveled from all over the San Francisco Bay Area to attend the event. Many protesters held picket signs demanding justice.

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On November 26, , several people were detained during protests in Santa Rosa. A dozen demonstrators were cited for blocking traffic, and one demonstrator was arrested and booked for resisting arrest. There were 80 people attending that protest, consisting of local middle and high-school students, and several members of By Any Means Necessary BAMN , a Bay Area-based civil rights group. On December 3, , protesters targeted Ravitch at her re-election fundraiser. On December 9, , Gelhaus was cleared to return to duty, which resulted in additional protests.

A year-old man was arrested for battery on a police officer for allegedly punching a police officer and hitting another officer with a picket sign during a protest at the Santa Rosa City Hall on December 10, Charges were dropped against him in May Multiple protesters vandalized the front door of the Sonoma County Jail, breaking its glass. The attorney for Simon Malls , owner of Santa Rosa Plaza, apologized in a letter issued to relatives of Andy Lopez, stating that they were disappointed that the security guards did not comply with the mall's policies and procedures.

The head of security for Santa Rosa Plaza was fired one month later in connection with the incident.