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Forgot your password? I am still a newbie, so I can't pull it off by ear. I know the lyrics to the standard, but Robert throws in a few working ad libs for justice "I eat my breakfast PS: Used the search function to no avail. If this has been already asked and answered, please feel free to delete.

Eric Clapton feat. Derek & - Key To The Highway Lyrics

Just do an internet search on "Key to the Highway. Why play something exactly the same way someone else played it anyway?

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I haven't learned it verbatm but based on my memory from listening to the tune it is in the key of C so the guitar is tuned in a way that has the low E tuned to a low C. I will have to listen to it later to see what tuning is used but the chords themselved are essentially just a twelve bar blues form.

Fillmore East (New York, NY), 10/23/1970

You must play better than me! I need to learn it how it is in the first place, then go after perfecting it and adding whatever flavour.

Key To The Highway with Lyrics

Step by step is my approach. I know Key and Trouble are standards, and I have indeed found results for Clapton's versions and whatnot. I just wanted to ask around if someone's trying to learn and has some tips.

Key to the Highway

Thanks anyway! His accompanying guitarist for the date was Big Bill Broonzy. Broonzy in turn went on to record his own version of the song in , on which he sang as well as played, with harmonica and drums for accompaniment. And who can blame them? Broonzy, Gillum and, perhaps to a less successful extent, Segar, were all part of the professional, forward-looking urban blues scene in Chicago that was flourishing at a time when commercial interest in solo rural blues singers from south had fallen off precipitously.

In two different interviews, Gillum gave conflicting stories about who wrote the song: in one, he claimed sole authorship, in another he identified Broonzy "the real author".

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A year later, Broonzy recorded "Key to the Highway" with Gillum on harmonica, Horace Malcolm on piano, Washboard Sam on washboard, and an unknown bassist, also using an eight-bar arrangement. While it is difficult to gauge which version was the most popular, the eight-bar arrangement used by Gillum and Broonzy has become the standard for subsequent recordings. Shortly after Broonzy's death in , Little Walter recorded "Key to the Highway" as an apparent tribute to him.

He adapted it as a Chicago blues with a full band. The song is included on several Little Walter compilation albums, including His Best. Lasting over nine minutes, it is essentially an impromptu jam which was recorded by accident. Clapton and Duane Allman heard singer Sam Samudio, better known as " Sam the Sham ", performing the song in a neighboring studio and spontaneously started playing it themselves.

Riding With The King

When record producer Tom Dowd heard it, he quickly told the engineers to "hit the goddamn machine! Because of the late start, the album track starts with a fade-in to a performance already underway. A live version of the song appears on the remastered edition of Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert recordings from the concert. Clapton also recorded the song with other musicians: Johnnie Johnson for his album Johnnie B.

Roots Of The Blues: Unlocking The History Behind ‘Key To The Highway’

Bad and in with B. King for their collaboration album Riding with the King.

paasenputerspi.cf From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Blues standard popularized by Little Walter.