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In Gendering Bodies, Crawley, Foley and Shehan demonstrate how gendered messages about bodies and the social world shape our physical bodies and social selves. At work, in sports and during sex, gendered messages constantly organize our common, everyday settings through a feedback loop of confirmations and disruptions in everyday talk and interaction. This book is an accessible, yet comprehensive, theory of a sociology of the gendered body. Sara L. Crawley is associate professor of women's studies at the University of South Florida.

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Lara J. Foley is associate professor chair of the Department of Sociology at the University of Tulsa. Constance L. Shehan is professor and chair of the Department of Sociology at the University of Florida. The authors position this book as an account that will be equally useful for undergraduate students and academic researchers.

A gender lens on the social change industry – Focusing on women, gender & social entrepreneurship

CHOICE Gendering Bodies is a clear, engaging, and exciting book that will make you stop and consider the construction of the world around you The authors communicate a strong passion for helping students understand the complexities of gender in contemporary American society The authors do an expert job of presenting complex and theoretical arguments in a way that students will be able to digest and understand Students will appreciate that, unlike in many textbooks, these authors are willing to talk about their own experiences This book is an excellent guide and translator for sometimes hard-to-manage concepts in post-modern and feminist discourse Gendering Bodies will energize students to see just how much of our everyday lives and cultural notions of gender are played out on the body.

Feminist Teacher, Vol. While many have insisted on a more corporeal understanding of gender's bodies and the body's genders, Gendering Bodies finally sorts out this basic, but often difficult relationship. Gracefully written, theoretically astute, and sprinkled with accessible anecdotes, Gendering Bodies will be an instant hit in and out of classrooms around the country. Convert currency. Add to Basket. New York: Oxford University Press, Franceschet, Susan, and Jennifer M. Franceschet, Susan, and Thomas Gwynn. Fraser, Nancy.

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