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The actress and photographer took serious notes about everything she needed to know, and got the best of what others discovered as well. Tips from people in the trenches, fighting cancer in their own bodies. Delinsky gathered the wisdom of those who have been there already. Nor do you expect to lose your looks and vibrancy. But she came out the other end wiser, stronger — and a mother.

In spite of it being not about the bike, Armstrong made history in his come back. Brinker, Joni Rodgers. The story of two breast cancer diagnoses and the love between sisters that launched the Susan G.

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Komen Foundation and Race for the Cure. The Last Lecture , Randy Pausch. Favorite Carnegie Melon professor delivers his last lecture, after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Tuesdays with Morrie , Mitch Albom. The Alchemist , Paulo Coelho. Stories of compassion and healing from a doctor who counsels chronically and terminally ill patients.

Wife and mother becomes a serious meditator and guides readers through facing their biggest fears. After Tuesdays with Morrie , Mitch Albom wrote this uplifting fantasy about the possibility of learning the true meaning of your life.

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Mindfulness master and founder of the Stress Reduction Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital demonstrates the relief of being here now. A Grief Observed , C. Written after the tragic death of his wife, this work from one of the greatest writers on the subject of faith documents how he questioned his own. Cloister Walk , Kathleen Norris. A Benedictine lay practitioner takes a practical look at integrating spirituality into daily life. The Elegance of the Hedgehog , Muriel Barbery. In reading her memoir, readers learn of the healing power that familial love can have in even the darkest moments.

Some people aren't comfortable knowing the "behind the scenes" of cancer treatment.

In this tell-all memoir, Margaret Lesh holds little back when talking about her experiences with breast cancer. Amid all the humorous anecdotes about the nitty-gritty of cancer treatment, the author manages to find a level of intimacy with the reader that few others can. Many readers will laugh, some might cry, but everyone can benefit from reading this woman's honest recollections of one of the hardest times of her life.

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A breast cancer diagnosis can be an immensely stressful and confusing time. Although the support of friends and family certainly goes a long way, it can also be helpful to learn a little of what to expect from someone who's already been there. Michele Ryan beat cancer as her husband succumbed to it. In her memoir, Ryan succinctly points out some of the hurdles a person with cancer may encounter and recommends coping mechanisms based on her own personal experiences.

Since her own diagnosis, Deanna Favre has become one of the most recognizable breast cancer activists in the country. Favre's memoir recalls her experiences with breast cancer as both a woman and as the wife of Brett Favre, a former quarterback of the Green Bay Packers.

In the intimate details about her marital struggles before and during her treatment, Don't Bet Against Me! Through these books, both those women suffering from breast cancer as well those who are simply seeking to learn more about it can find empathy, understanding and appreciation for the brave individuals battling this disease. Volunteers can then easily view and sign up for any number of available tasks i.

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Community members also have access to the community's private message boards, photo galleries, resource sections and even a Well Wishes wall. Bring together family, friends and coworkers to help support and care for your loved one through a caring social network and planner. Their planner also gives you the power to set a community of support in motion by organizing meals, tasks and other helpful activities.

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As a co-survivor, you provide much needed support for your loved one's fight against breast cancer. But, you need support, too! By sharing your story and connecting with other co-survivors, you can be part of a group connected by strength, hope and love. Read stories of hope and encouragement from co-survivors and breast cancer survivors, and share your story to help inspire others. You are not alone. This year in the U. Each diagnosis affects everyone in that person's life.

When you have lost someone to breast cancer, it's extremely painful. When a loved one dies, you go through a process called grieving suffering. The grieving process happens over a period of time and everyone feels grief in their own way. Below are some signs of grieving:.

Download Breast Friends:A Collection of Inspiring Testamonials from Breast Cancer Survivors

Grieving is normal and should be expected. In time, the pain should slowly ease and you should be able to go on with your normal daily routines. During this time, you will need social support to help you get through this experience.

Support, both formal and informal can help you work through these issues of loss and grief.