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Pym suffers a mental breakdown and concocts a plan to salvage his credibility by building a robot, Salvation-1, and programming it to launch an attack on the Avengers that he will stop using the robot's weakness at the critical moment, in hopes of regaining his good standing. The Wasp discovers the plan and begs Pym to stop, whereupon he strikes her. Jim Shooter , the writer of this story, says he intended only that Pym accidentally strike her while gesturing at her dismissively, and that artist Bob Hall misinterpreted the instruction.

Left penniless, Pym is manipulated by an old foe, the presumed-dead Egghead tricking him into stealing the national reserve of the metal adamantium. Pym is confronted by the Avengers whom he had covertly summoned , and after being defeated is blamed for the theft, as Egghead erases all evidence of his involvement. Blaming an ostensibly dead villain is taken as further proof of Pym's madness and he is incarcerated. With the real perpetrator exposed, Pym is cleared of all charges. After bidding farewell to Janet and his teammates, Pym leaves to devote his full-time to research.

Pym reappears in the West Coast Avengers , first in an advisory role, [35] and then as a full member in a non-costumed capacity. Hank Pym returns and aids the team as Giant-Man, [42] and makes a significant contribution by defeating criminal mastermind Imus Champion [43] and his flawed creation Ultron, simultaneously overcoming his old issues of guilt over Ultron's crimes — revealed to be due to him having used his own brain patterns to create Ultron, and so believing that Ultron's attitude reflects his darker side.

Back in the present, an encounter with Kulan Gath results in Pym being split into his two personas of Pym and Yellowjacket, after a spell cast by Gath temporarily transforms Pym into a swashbuckler-style Yellowjacket, followed by the Yellowjacket persona manifesting a physical presence from the extradimensional bio-mass Pym uses to grow.

After the Giant-Man Pym spends some time appearing almost emotionally stunted, reciting facts with no sense of emotional depth even when facing the new threat of a supercharged Count Nefaria , the Yellowjacket Pym replaces him, only for his impulsive nature to making a situation worse when Diablo turns an entire village into variations of the Hulk , Yellowjacket's plan to stop the Hulks resulting in them merging into one massive Hulk before he can shrink it down to a more manageable level, requiring them to bring in the original Hulk to essentially merge with the other Hulks and force them to split.

The two Pyms begin to deteriorate from being apart, but are restored when the Wasp helps the two halves realize they need each other. After the events of the " Avengers Disassembled " storyline, Pym takes a leave of absence, [51] and in the one-shot title Avengers: Finale , the character and Janet leave for England to rekindle their relationship. At the conclusion of the Civil War, the impostor is named "Man of the Year" by Time magazine for his role in freeing several captive anti-registration heroes. Noll becomes one of the administrators at Camp Hammond , a U.

After Janet is seemingly killed in battle, [57] Pym takes on a new superhero persona, the Wasp.

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Hank Pym creates Avengers Academy , a program to help train young people with newly acquired superpowers. Pym and Monica Chang , A. Division Chief of the espionage agency S. Later, an accident merges Pym and Ultron during Ultron's latest attack. Ultron is now Pym's armor rather than being merged with him.

Hank is later revealed to have had a daughter named Nadia through his ex-wife Maria Trovaya, and Nadia became the latest Wasp. The Tony Stark A. However, unbeknownst to Ultron, as he claimed the Soul Stone, the fragment of Hank Pym's soul entered the Soul World where he was greeted by the fragment of Gamora's soul, who revealed to him that he was going to be trapped there forever.

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This silk creates a deluding dream which made Hank believe that he had escaped the Soul World and reunited himself with the Avengers. Devondra then devours Hank's soul fragment under the watch of Gamora's soul fragment. Hank Pym is a scientific genius with a Ph. Pym discovered the subatomic "Pym particles" that enable mass to be shunted or gained from an alternate dimension, thereby changing the size of himself or other beings or objects.

Pym's costume is synthetic stretch fabric composed of unstable molecules and automatically adapts to his shifting sizes. Pym also uses a cybernetic helmet he created for achieving rudimentary communication with ants and other higher order insects. As Yellowjacket, then later as Wasp, Pym wears artificial wings and has bio-blasters called "stingers" built into his gloves. He took up the Wasp mantle in memory of Janet, who was believed to be dead at the time. Pym also carries a variety of weaponry, provisions, and scientific instruments, which are shrunken to the size of microchips and stored in the pockets of his uniform.

An experienced superhero, Pym is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. In his first appearance, he claimed to be a master of Judo , [5] is skilled in Wrestling [83] and Karate [84] and has since been seen in combat with opponents of both his own size and radically larger than himself as a result of his size-changing abilities. During his stay with the West Coast Avengers , Pym constructed a one-man-vehicle with artificial intelligence named Rover. Back with the Avengers main-team, he built a second Rover, resembling an Avengers Quinjet.

After fusing with Ultron, he now contains all of his creation's abilities when he is in control. There are a number of characters in the Marvel universe that have also used the "Pym particles" to effect size changing. In the world of Marvel , natural philosopher Henri le Pym is forced by Baron von Octavius to devise a serum that would cure him of a fatal disease.

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Pym is married to Janette. After eliminating the team, he has Hank Pym gather a new group. After recruiting other heroes and mercenaries, Pym leads them to victory though fatalities are heavy on both sides. Hank Pym is featured in several of the Marvel Zombies miniseries, appearing as one of the cannibalistic zombies in Marvel Zombies Feb.

In this reality, Hank Pym is an intelligent, Hulk-like brute. Decades after his demise, a Connecticut settlement dubbed "Pym Falls" is built around his massive skeleton.

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It was shown that during the fight in Connecticut, Giant-Man became enraged when the Wasp was killed by Hobgoblin. This led him to crush Vulture with his hands and step on Crossbones. As he charged the villains, Avalanche used his abilities to shake the ground. Moloids emerged and attack Giant-Man, causing him to fall to the ground.

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The Ultimate Marvel imprint version of Henry "Hank" Pym is portrayed as a brilliant but mentally fragile scientist. He takes Prozac to battle his mental instability and depressive episodes. He gains his Giant-Man abilities after transfusing the blood of his mutant wife Janet Pym. The character is expelled from the Ultimates after his abusive behavior ends his marriage and his Giant-Man serum is used by S.

Now a pariah, he briefly joins with both pseudo heroes and then anti-American villains in his Ant-Man persona. The character eventually rejoins the Ultimates in his Yellowjacket identity. During the events of " Ultimatum " storyline, he sacrifices himself against the Multiple Man 's suicide bomber duplicates to save the remaining Ultimates' lives. Giant-Man was later revived alongside his fellow Ultimates when the Superflow that separated the different universes was destroyed by Maker and High Evolutionary.

Henry Pym appears in issue 13 of Marvel Adventures: The Avengers as a scientist working for Janet's father with no superhero identity, and was the one who gave his wife superpowers. He tells them how to free her severing the antennae on her mask , gives her a new costume, and uses an insect telepathy helmet identical to his Earth Ant-Man helmet to create an illusion of several giant-sized people, scaring the insects away. He not only joins the team but begins a relationship with Janet.

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Hank Pym is referenced in the novelization of Spider-Man 2 as a nameless female scientist who asks Dr. Otto Octavius how he plans to control his metallic tentacles. Upon being informed of the inhibitor chip, they state having a cybernetic helmet which they believe would make the process easier. After the failure of Octavius's experiment, Pym goes over to Otto to confirm he's alive, while implying that his wife Rosalie is dead. Additionally, Octavius described Pym as being a giant in a field where everyone else are ants.

Hank Pym was ranked as the 93rd greatest comic book character by Wizard magazine.

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  4. Comic Book Resources placed him as one of the superheroes Marvel wants you to forget. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Marvel Comics superhero. Not all the character's costumes are shown. Cover art by Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia. Hank Pym debuts as Yellowjacket with an allegorical scene standing over himself in the second Goliath uniform on the cover of The Avengers 59 Dec. Art by John Buscema and George Klein. This section needs additional citations for verification.

    Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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    USA Today. Archived from the original on Retrieved Stan Lee: Conversations. University Press of Mississippi. Back Issue! Marvel Comics. Jim Shooter official site. Archived from the original on December 2, Retrieved March 6, Digital Spy. Secret Avengers Avengers A. Wolverine 70 Behind The Voice Actors.

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    Retrieved 21 July January 13, Retrieved January 13, June 7, Archived from the original on January 9, Retrieved June 7, July 26, Archived from the original on July 29, Retrieved July 26, Retrieved 18 July Pym again in Ant-Man 2 shooting in July.